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Leapq brand traction assessor
Leapq brand traction assessor


Become a high-performance brand using Brand Traction Assessor™

Your brand should be your organisation’s most valuable strategic asset. Yet in most organisations, ‘brand’ is often misunderstood and, as a result, mismanaged or under-leveraged.

Our BRAND TRACTION ASSESSOR™ helps you quickly and systematically identify, understand and address gaps that are standing in the way of you being able to maximise your brand’s value. Because it’s evidence-based, it provides a realistic assessment of your current practices. Based on a review of over 80 distinct enablers in 8 areas of brand management capability, we benchmark these against organisations recognised as having best-in-class practices. The outcome: you gain heightened clarity about existing gaps and a bespoke action plan on how to close them.

Get a move on with your brand with Brand Traction Assessor™. Contact us today.

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LeapQ helped us move from brand strategy into execution. With their support, we’ve become very clear about the enablers we needed to put in place in order to make real progress.

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Monika Hovorková
VP Brand & Communications
Vodafone Czech Republic