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Leapq brand traction assessor
Leapq brand traction assessor


Get cracking on your innovation agenda with our Opportunity Sprints.

If you’ve become over-reliant on an operating model and revenue streams that are under threat, we can help your organisation move beyond just talking about the need to innovate and help you make real progress quickly – in just 14 days.

Together with our talented community of young, digital Game Changers, we’ll design and facilitate co-creation workshops that force new perspectives, disrupt conventional thinking and empower your team to break its own rules to discover and define new and disruptive value propositions, new business models and pipelines to new revenue streams and renewed growth. From there, we’ll refine the most promising concepts and create an action plan for prototyping and testing.

For quality ideas at speed and a concrete action plan, Contact us today.

Meet the Game Changers

Harness the creative brain power of our community of young, digitally-minded provocateurs to show you how to break your own rules and uncover and define new growth opportunities.