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Leapq brand traction assessor
Leapq brand traction assessor


Create differentiating and preference-driving customer value using our BRAND & DELIVER™ methodology.

Starting a customer-driven revolution doesn’t have to be scary. Using a facilitated approach and our proven BRAND & DELIVER™ methodology, we can help you make progress quickly by tapping into the collective brain power of your people to define a customer-driven vision for the future.

Through a series of carefully planned, highly interactive workshops, we’ll take your team on a strategic journey that will enable and empower them to unearth deep insight, identify growth opportunities, sharpen your brand’s strategic focus, and build enticing and implementable value propositions and service experiences that will give your company an edge in a rapidly evolving and increasingly digital business landscape. It works.

Take a big step forward in just 90 days.

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Working with LeapQ has been an absolute delight. Their expert facilitation and coaching enabled us to define our strategy for ourselves, create innovative new propositions and ensure the buy-in of stakeholders across our four markets. And we learned so much along the way. They’ve been a fantastic partner for us.

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Alma Dautbegovic
Head of Customer Intelligence & Insight
Canal Digital